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Agilent Technologies IMS 2010 Papers and Videos

IMS 2010 MicroApps

Below you will find various papers and videos from the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2010.


Microwave Applications Seminars (MicroApps) serve as a forum for Exhibitors to present the technology behind their commercial products and their special capabilities. Again, this year, MicroApps was hosted by Agilent Technologies and featured a variety of design and measurement specific presentations by Agilent’s experts as well as a variety of other presentations from other exhibitors.

Agilent Technologies was thrilled to sponsor the popular MicroApps Theater at the IMS 2010 where over 50 design and measurement topics were presented. For a complete list of MicroApps that were presented, Download the Schedule. 

MicroApps Keynote Session


The MicroApps Keynote session was presented by Dr.David Root:

Agilent MicroApps Presentations


Additional Papers Presented at IMS 2010

Videos from IMS 2010

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