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How do I import a .csv file containing more than 65,536 rows of data into Microsoft Excel 97 (and all later versions)?


When using the spreadsheet export function on the Intelligent Test Framework (ITF) Server application, it is possible to generate a file with more than 65,536 rows of data. This is especially true if the ITF SQL database is huge. When importing this text file (.csv file) into Microsoft® Excel 97 and its later versions, the text file is truncated at the row 65,536. The user will have to split the text file into multiple smaller files manually and import them separately into Excel for further data manipulation and display.


Microsoft Excel 97 and all later versions, text files that contain more than 65,536 rows cannot be opened by their entirety. A user cannot open these files because these versions of the Microsoft Excel are limited to 65,536 rows. If the user opens a file that contains more data than this, the following error message appears, and the text file is truncated at the row 65,536: File not loaded completely.


Microsoft suggests an approach that helps, by means of writing a macro to open the text file and automatically break the text into multiple worksheets. For more details, navigate to Related Microsoft knowledge base for sample macro code. Click here to learn more from Microsoft's website. 

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