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Is There a GPS Receiver for FieldFox?

All FieldFox models with the exception of the N9912A and N9923A has the built-in GPS receiver module.  A listing of FieldFox models can be found here.  In order to enable this functionality, option 307 must be installed in the instrument.

For models N9912A and N9923A, it is recommended that the user purchase an external GPS receiver module. Listed below are the two known working well GPS modules.

1. GPS module from Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 and later.  The GPS module uses a u-Blox 5 technology (Navigation GPS 168). **UPDATES: Microsoft Streets and Trips has been discontinued since July 2014.

2. GPS module, VK-172. This GPS module uses a u-Blox7 technology. It is a fairly common consumer item and readily available from online stores.

Please ensure both the N9912A and the N9923A has instrument firmware revision A.05.33 and later.  This will allow the FieldFox to log GPS information into the built in software.