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Semiconductor Device Test & Characterization Research

IMG - Semiconductor Device Test & Characterization Research


As micro-electronic devices continue to perform better and smaller in size, investigation on material and measurement techniques continue to expand.

Type Title Author
Technical Articles Method Of Attaching Semiconducting Silicon Goes Beyond The Limits Of Moore's Law  Ken Payne, RF Globalnet, 27 July 2009
Research Collaborations New Evaluation Method for High Performance MOS Device  A Teramoto, R Kuroda, T Suko, M Sato, T Tsuboi, S Sugawa, and T Ohmi, ECS Trans, Volume 19, Issue 2, Pages 339-350, 2009
Research Collaborations High-Speed broadband Si/Ge photodetectors  M. Oehme, J. Wernera and E. Kaspera, Journal of Crystal Growth, Volume 310, Issue 21, 15 October 2008, Pages 4531-4534
Research Collaborations Characterization of MOSFETs Intrinsic Performance using In-Wafer Advanced Kelvin-Contact Device Structure for High Performance CMOS LSIs  R Kuroda, A Teramoto, T Komuro, W Cheng, S Watabe, CF Tye, S Sugawa and T Ohmi Microelectronic Test Structures, ICMTS 2008, IEEE International Conference, Pages 155-159.

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