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Keysight Medalist i3070 Series 5 with 08.00p Software Release

Note: This software release is NOT available for download on the web.

The latest Keysight Medalist i3070 Series 5 In-Circuit Test (ICT) system runs on the 08.00p software release. This software enables the system to incorporate external plug-in circuits. It also enables a wider range of power handling capabilities for today’s high-powered products, thus helping manufacturers to reduce investment on power supply hardware.

The 08.00p software release also allows manufacturers to enjoy significantly higher throughout, thereby increasing production volumes and at the same time, making more tester resources available.

Here are some highlights of the 08.00p software:

  • Analog Stimulus and Response Unit (ASRU) Speedup – enables throughput improvement
  • Power Monitoring Circuit (PMC) – prevents damage to integrated circuits and saves debug time
  • Flexible power channels – allows full control of power channels to test multiple boards per panel
  • External plug-in circuits – enables customized applications such as flash programming, LED test and Boundary Scan test.
  • Constant fixture power supply – provides fixed power supply for fixture electronics and external powering purposes

The software release is available only on all new Medalist i3070 Series 5 test systems, or upgraded i3070 and 3070 testers. Please refer to the detailed software release notes.

Customers who are currently using the existing i3070 or 3070 series of testers can enjoy the full capabilities of the Series 5 benefits listed above by upgrading their hardware.

Note: The 08.00p software will not be distributed directly to Software Update Subscription (SUS) customers. Keysight is working on the next software release version 08.10p. SUS customers will be shipped a copy of this next release.

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Keysight Medalist i3070 08.00p Software Release 
The 08.00p software release introduces the new Medalist i3070 Series with improved analog test throughput, and enhanced powering capabilities that include real time power monitoring. It provides better control of external circuits as well.

Release Notes 2009-10-01

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