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Emerging Technologies and Applications

Along with the introduction of the fastest oscilloscope on the planet, Keysight is announcing the following new test solutions specific to high bandwidth applications and tests.

Keysight doesn’t just build the software for these tests – they help to create the standards themselves by sitting on the board with the governing bodies that define test requirements for interoperability on emerging buses, protocols, computer communication and display standards. Keysight’s new 90000 X-Series combined with the applications below can save you time and money.

Application Description Application image
  SAS12G The SAS12G specification (SAS-3) has not been finalized yet. The T10 committee is currently finalizing on the SAS-2.1 and will be using it as the base for the SAS-3. Keysight is working with the T10 standards body and will have a 12G application as soon as the SAS-3 preliminary specification is available.   If you are considering a design utilizes SAS12G you are going to need a really fast real time scope. The new Keysight 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes offer up to 32GHz of bandwidth which gives you sufficient headroom you need for SAS12G.
A UDA (User Defined Application) is will be available as soon as we have a preliminary specification for automated scope measurement. Other instruments such as JBERT and TDR are ready and available for the SAS12G measurements.
  GDDR5 GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data Rate, version 5) is a high performance dynamic random-access graphics card memory designed for applications requiring high bandwidth. GDDR5 technology offers higher data rates, up to 6Gb/s which enables more bandwidth over a narrower memory interface for superior performance. Keysight’s compliance test application allows automation of clock, electrical and timing tests at 6 Gb/s data rate or higher with 25 GHz high bandwidth oscilloscope.

A UDA (User Defined Application) will be available soon for automated scope measurement.
  PCI Express 3.0 (Gen3) While the specification should reach 1.0 status in 2010, Keysight solutions for PCIe 3.0  electrical and protocol/transaction analysis are well underway.  These applications will provide electrical performance validation of PCIe 3.0 signals and support compliance testing of PCIe 3.0 devices for IC package loss, channel analysis, transmitter jitter performance and receiver jitter tolerance.  Keysight solutions also address protocol analysis of PCIe 3.0 signals

PCI Express 3.0 measurements will require an oscilloscope with at least 12GHz of bandwidth.   Due to the need for de-embedding, low noise performance (such as that offered by the 90000 X-Series of real time oscilloscopes) enhances the benefit of fixture removal for electrical measurements.  Automated compliance test solutions supporting the PCI Express 1.x and 2.x specifications are currently available.
PCIe gen3
  SATA 6G (N5411B) SATA 6G (Gen3) requires a scope at least 12 GHz of bandwidth.  The new Keysight 90000 X-Series provides up to 32 GHz scope bandwidth support for transmitter compliance testing at 6Gb/s as well as headroom for future data rate. The 90000 X-Series’ bandwidth can be upgraded so you can start with the bandwidth you need for SATA 6G and later upgrade the scope to a higher bandwidth. This is a great way not to overspend on existing budget but also protects you scope investment for the future.
Automated measurement steps with N5411B save time and reduce engineering effort. Other instruments such as JBERT, pattern generator, protocol analyzer, TDR and ENA are ready and available for SATA 6G measurements.
  Display Port 1.2 DisplayPort 1.2 is an extension to the current DisplayPort specification that supports higher screen resolutions and update rates.  The highest data rate for DisplayPort 1.2 has now doubled to 5.4 Gbs. This version of DisplayPort will require new measurement techniques using de-embedding, embedding and equalization where noise performance of your measurement device can greatly influence accuracy and repeatability. 
 The DisplayPort 1.2 Source compliance test application will continue to offer the flexibility and configurability that has been offered to address compliance, validation and troubleshooting needs.
Display Port 1.2
10G KR IEEE 802.3ap extends Ethernet capability to backplane applications.  To compensate for the severe signal degradation encountered as 10 Gb/s signals propagate across 1 meter backplanes, sophisticated equalization techniques at the transmitter are employed.  When completed, this application will verify that transmitter signal quality meets the requirements set by the 10GBaseKR specification.
A UDA (User Defined Application) will be available soon for automated scope measurement.
  QPI Intel® QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), is a point-to-point processor interconnect that is used to connect the processor to the IO Hub. In more complex instances of the architecture, separate QPI link pairs connect one or more processors and one or more IO hubs or routing hubs in a network on the motherboard. Currently, QPI operates at a clock rate of 3.2 GHz and data rate of 6.4 Gbps but will soon move up to data rate of 8.0 Gbps and 9.6Gbps. With the faster data rate, you are going to need a really fast real time scope for electrical and timing validation. The new Keysight 90000 X-Series oscilloscopes offer up to 32 GHz of bandwidth which gives you sufficient headroom you need.
A UDA (User Defined Application) will be available for automated QPI channel characterization. Other instruments such as JBERT, PSG, VNA and TDR are ready and available for QPI characterization and measurements.