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Differences between Model N330xA Electronic Loads and 6050xA Electronic Loads

Please be aware that significant mechanical differences exist between N3300A family of electronic loads and the obsolete 6050A family of electronic loads. There are mechanical differences, which preclude the N330xA load modules from fitting in a 6050A/6051A mainframe, as well as keeping the 6050xA modules from fitting in the N3300A/N3301A mainframes. It should also be noted that a new, no cost, bolt-on user connection is available on the N330xA modules, which was not available on the 6050xA modules. This option (UJ1) can be ordered with the module; the traditional, manually tightened (UJG) connection is still available. One of these two options MUST be specified when the module is ordered.

Programmatically, the N3300A family of loads uses the same command syntax, which was used for the 6050A family. However, due to the additional capability of the N3300A family, additional commands are available. Programmers should take care when cloning programs originally written for the 6050A family of loads. Differences do exist.

Care must be taken to ensure that any query containing [*IDN?] or [*OPT?] will be anticipating a response indicative of the new (N3300A) family numbering. Also, in most cases, program execution times of the N3300A family of loads will be significantly faster than the older 6050A family.

For more details, see the Technical Note "Comparing N3300A Series Electronic Loads with Earlier Models" and refer to Appendix C of the N3300A-N3307A Programming Guide.

Documents & Downloads

Comparing N3300A Series Electronic Loads with Earlier Models 

Nota de aplicacion 2001-07-16

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N3300A-N3307A Programming Guide 

Guía de programación y sintaxis 2002-03-01

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