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DesignCon 2010 Technical Paper Presentations

The following papers will help address some of the signal integrity challenges associated with designing, testing, and validating high-speed digital interconnects used in physical layer test systems.

Accuracy Improvements of PDN Impedance Measurements in the Low to Middle Frequency Range

This paper discusses practical solutions for improving the quality and accuracy of frequency-domain Power Distribution Network (PDN) component measurements in the near-DC to MHz frequency ranges, which is gaining increasing importance in PCB-level applications of today’s low-voltage digital circuits. The paper discusses and illustrates how to measure the characteristics of DC-DC converters more accurately by understanding measurement accuracy, the limitations and error sources of different measurement systems. It also shows how to accurately characterize Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) and inductors/ferrite beads that have AC-signal and DC-bias dependences. The paper introduces new approaches to the milliohm impedance measurements and AC/DC-biased impedance measurements with a new 5 Hz-to-3 GHz Vector Network Analyzer (VNA).

Evaluation of Relative Humidity and Temperature Effects on Scattering Parameters in Transmission Systems

This paper is focused on the development of a simulation method in order to evaluate relative humidity and temperature effects of scattering parameters on transmission systems from DC to 26 GHz. The first step in the analysis is to design a number of experiments to quantify environmental impacts on S-parameters. Through comparison with several experiments, the proposed method demonstrates that humidity and temperature effects on transmission systems can be accurately modeled and predicted. This method can be applied to different Printed Circuit Board materials, and it will be useful to engineers and manufacturers interested in predicting environmental impacts on system performance.