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400 Hz Avionics Waveforms

400 Hz, 15 Vrms and 28 Vdc, 270 Vdc Avionics Power Systems

AC Power Source/Analyzers:

The 6800 Series AC Power Source/Analyzers are versatile ac and dc power test solutions for avionics power systems. These products can accurately source and measure ac and dc power in one integrated compact package.

Accurately test to Mil-Std 704 and RTCA-DO160

Simulate faulty regulator circuits, effect of transients due to other equipment connect to the power bus systems, generate transients that occur when main power is switch to emergency power.

They have the ability to easily generate and measure:

  • overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, underfrequency conditions
  • controllable slew rates (rise and fall times can be independently controlled)
  • ac and dc transients
  • accurately measure up to 11 power parameters (including harmonics)
  • built-in Elgar PIP E9012 compatibility mode. Provides you with a "drop in" replacement that requires no programming code changes.

Documents & Downloads

Keysight 6800 Series - Avionics Power Waveforms 

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