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How do I rack mount two instruments of different depths?

There are three ways to rack instruments of different depths side-by-side; for example, an Agilent 33220A with an Agilent 34401A.

The first method is to use the horizontal lock link hardware (5061-8769). This is used for locking together various bench and rack mountable combinations of half rack width module cabinets of equal depths or different depths (348.3mm and 272.3mm). Locking cabinets together horizontally in a configuration wider than 1 full module width is not recommended.

The other method is to use a support shelf and slide kit. This method will provide full support for the instrument. The recommended parts from Agilent are:

  • Support Shelf (5063-9255)
  • Slide Kit (1494-0015)

This method also works well when racking instruments that don't use the same rackmount kit, such as products from different vendors or different mounting positions.

If the instruments can be connected together, another solution is to link the front of the instruments and use side rails to provide additional support in the absence of the rear connection. The Agilent solution for racking the Agilent 33220A with the 34401A or similar instruments* in this manner is to buy the following kits:

  • A Dual Rackmount Flange Kit (5063-9212) to connect to the rack frame
  • A Lock Link Kit (5061-9694) --use the front hooks only -- to link the instruments side-by-side
  • A Basic Rail Kit (E3663AC) to support the instruments

This provides a more cost-effective solution in many circumstances.

Note: Please keep in mind the weight, dimensions, and airflow of the instruments. Contact your Agilent Representative if you do not know which solution to go for.

* 34401A, 34420A, 34970A, 34972A, 53131A, 53132A, 53181A, 53210A, 53220A, 53230A, 33120A, 33250A, E3614A, E3615A, E3616A, E3617A, E3620A, E3640A, E3641A, E3642A, E3643A, E3644A, E3645A and most other 2-slot, half rack sized Agilent products.