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How do I upgrade the PSA Series Memory Upgrade Option ANE?

Description of Option:

This installation kit includes the latest 64 MByte Flash memory assembly and a CD that contains the latest instrument firmware and measurement personalities. The replacement Flash board has been preloaded with the operating system and core instrument firmware only. Therefore, if your instrument requires optional measurement personalities, you must reload them from the CD included with this kit or from the PSA web site.

More information on your memory requirements and what size memory is currently installed in your instrument can be found at the following link:

How to order:
E4440AU Option ANE

Installation Note or Procedure:
The Installation Note can be found at the following Link:

Minimum Firmware Requirements:
The latest firmware will be installed on the new Flash memory board. Information on upgrading or installing measurement personalities can be found at the following link:

Performance Verification/Adjustments (Required, Recommended, Not Required)
Not Required

Additional Requirements:

Upgrade Installed by:
Customer or Keysight Service Center. The Keysight Service Center will quote labor.

Installation Time:

Installation Time 1 Hour, Verification Time 0.5 Hour