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Video Compares the 34401A DMM to the 34410A DMM

The 34401A and the 34410A are both 6½ Digit Multimeters. This video highlights the differences between these two multimeters, showing the additional capabilities of the 34410A DMM. Improvements include a dual display, lower current ranges, faster measurements, the ability to measure capacitance and temperature, single-channel data logging and connecting to a PC via LAN, USB or GPIB.

Download the 4-minute video by clicking on the link below. The video requires Windows® Media Player. You may download and install the player from the Windows Media Player home page.

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Video Compares the 34401A DMM to the 34410A DMM 
This 4-minute video highlights some unique capabilities of the 34410A DMM compared to the 34401A. These differences include high-speed measurements, dual display, data logging, temperature and capacitance measurements, LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces.

Demo 2010-08-01

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