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New AXI Support Offerings

Ensuring that your Automated X-ray Inspection system remains up and running at peak performance is a critical part of your operations. Our New AXI Support Program is designed to let you choose the support service level that fits the critical nature of your test system and budget.

Keysight is aware of the investments you have made on the Automated X-ray Inspection systems and your need to fully maximize the ROIC on these systems to help ensure they continue to function smoothly to serve your many current and foreseeable future inspection needs. As such, we have carefully evaluated your feedback and requirements and balanced them with our aim to provide a sustainable support model that will optimize the operation of your AXI systems.

The following new Keysight AXI support offerings is available:-

1. Full Service Support Agreement

  • AXI Support Max
    A full service support agreement that provide total peace of mind that covers parts replenishment and onsite service the entire AXI system.

2. Flexible Support Agreements

  • AXI Support Flex
    A flexible support agreement that provide customer onsite service and majority of parts replenishment.
  • AXI Support Lite
    A flexible support agreement that provide customer onsite service and parts replenishment need to be purchase separately.
  • Service Volume Agreement (SVA)
    A purchasing option that provide customer a faster turn around time for parts and services compared to per-incident time and material trade services.
Support deliverablesMax  Flex  LiteSVATrade
Remote HW/SW phone supportXXX  
Onsite supportXXX1X2X2
X-ray survey (2x per year)XXX  
Preventive maintenanceXXX  
Parts replacement
 - X-ray Tube
 - All other parts


Next business day parts deliveryXX3X3X4 
Pay for parts as per usage X5,6X6X6X

1 Provide onsite support if problem is not resolved remotely
2 Service is based on availability
3 AXI Support Flex or Lite with SVA for trade parts
4 In a typical SVA, part delivery is within 3 business days. Only for AXI Support Flex and Lite customer with SVA, part delivery will be upgraded to next business day whenever possible,
at no additional charge.
5 Pay for X-ray tube only
6 Preferential discount applicable

Documents & Downloads

AXI Full Service Agreement 

Misc Item 2010-02-23

AXI Flexible Service Agreement 

Misc Item 2010-02-24