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Sample program for ENA based PIM and S-parameter measurement

This is an utility software to set up necessary parameters for PIM measurement. It also supports calibration wizard that provides power calibration procedures for PIM measurements. This program runs in the E5072A's Microsoft VBA Macro programing capability, and it controls all peripherals connected to the E5072A without the use of additional system software running on an external PC.

Unzip the downloaded file, and refer to the PIMMeasurementSW_OperationGuide.pdf included in the zip file, for step-by-step instructions of hardware setup and software operation for PIM measurements. Also, the PIMMeasurementSW_DevelopersGuide.pdf is included in the zip file for further understanding of the software structure.

NOTE: This program is supported only on the E5072A.

Documents & Downloads

PIM Application Software, Version 1.0 
This package includes a VBA software and documentations.

Programming Example 2012-04-26

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