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Why do I get verification error upon reset with single channel pulsed switches and Y1151A distribution board?

On this particular distribution board, sending "ROUTe:RMODule:BANK:PRESet {|ALL}, (@)" to establish factory default settings silently defaults channel 7 to pulse on reset (on typical switches paired with this distribution board, channel 7 is generally the open all port pin on the switch). If you do not send "ROUTe:CHANnel:DRIVe:OPEN:DEFault (@ channel 7)" before you send "*RST", you are actually pulsing 2 channels closed upon reset (the user channel and then the channel 7 which silently re-opened the user channel switch, causing the verification error).

Workaround: if you want to drive a pulsed switch channel closed at reset using the Y1151, you should send a "ROUTe:CHANnel:DRIVe:OPEN:DEFault (@ channel 7)" to put the open all port on the switch into a state that won't get pulsed by default, and then send "ROUTe:CHANnel:DRIVe:CLOSe:DEFault (@user channel)" so that the desired channel closes automatically at reset.