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How to Run an ISDN Call Placement/Answer Test

  1. Select the simulation test you want to run from either the Start menus in the Windows desktop or from the Simulate folder in the Configuration view.
  2. Set or fine-tune the Advisor's physical interface configuration using the components available in the Interface/Protocols folder found in the Configuration view. If desired, use the other folders to set up additional traffic monitoring and data capture parameters.
  3. Click the Simulate folder to bring it to the front. Type in the necessary call placement or call answer parameters such as Called Number, SPID, and so on. The parameters you need to enter depend upon the test you have selected.
  4. Open the Simulate Results view so that you can see the progress of your test once you start it.
  5. Click the Start tool bar button to start the test. If this is a Place Call test, the Advisor will immediately begin transmitting the necessary messages to place the call. If this is an Answer Call test, the Advisor will wait for and respond to an incoming call. Note: if you have failed to specify any necessary parameters (Calling Number, SPID, etc.), a simulation script compile error will be displayed.
  6. Once the B-channel has been established, you can run BERT if you have configured the Advisor to do so.
  7. When you are finished with the call, use the Disconnect button in the Simulate Results view to disconnect the call appropriately. Caution: ending the test in any other way could cause operational problems with the ISDN equipment to which the call was placed.