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What are the measurement intervals for the W-CDMA, cdma2000, and 1xEV-DO QPSK EVM measurements for E4406A and the PSA Series? Is the 12.2k Reverse Measurement Channel supported for W-CDMA?

In the A.04.07 release of the PSA Series firmware and the A.06.03 release of the E4406A, the measurement intervals for the QPSK EVM measurement as follows:

  • cdma2000 (Option B78) - 128 to 1536 chips
  • W-CDMA (Option BAF) - 128 to 2560 chips (1 slot)
  • 1xEV-DO (Option 204) - 32 to 2048 chips

The W-CDMA personality does support uplink 12.2 k RMC (Reverse Measurement Channel) in the QPSK EVM measurement.

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