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About Specifications of Obsoleted Parametric Test Products

The following products have been already obsoleted or discontinued.

  • 4140B pA Meter / DC Voltage Source
  • 4142B Modular DC Source/Monitor
  • 4145A/B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
  • 4155A / 4156A / 41501A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
  • 4155B / 4156B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers
  • 4280A 1 MHz C Meter / C-V Plotter
  • E5270A / E5272A / E5273A Parametric Measurement Solutions
  • 4157B Modular Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • VPA/PME Software
  • I/CV 3.0 Lite Automation Software [Obselete]
  • Production Wafer Level Reliability (PDQ-WLR)
  • C1280A ASUR Parallel Device Reliability (ASUR PDR)
  • C1281A ASUR Single Device Reliability (ASUR SDR)
  • C1282A ASUR Reliability Data Analyzer (ASUR RDA)
  • Reliability and Parametric Test Consulting


The specifications are described in the manuals.