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LAN Upgrades for the 86100A/86100B

To update via the LAN requires:

  • 86100A (firmware revision A.03.01 and above)
  • 86100B

Note: Before you can map your computer's hard disk drive to the instrument, you must contact your network administrator to configure the Infiniium DCA on the local area network (LAN). Your network administrator will know the: network protocol used, network client used, adapter card installed, plug&play drivers available

Your computer's drive must then be set up with the appropriate read and write permissions.


  1. Create a temporary directory on your computer or network drive.
  2. Click on the firmware upgrade link. Save the file to the temporary directory.

After the file has downloaded, double-click or use the Run command to extract the files. By default, it will create a folder on C:\Firmware\Upgrade\A.03.05 or C:\Firmware\Upgrade\A.05.00 and place two files named 86100upg.arq and 86100upg.hdr files there.

  1. Map the computer drive to the Infiniium DCA.
  2. To perform the upgrade Touch/click: Utilities, Upgrade 86100 Software, and Start Upgrade. This brings up the File Manager. Look in the mapped drive's folder containing the two upgrade files. Highlight the file 86100UPG.HDR and click Select. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the upgrade.