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When should I "Restart" the N5530S Measuring Receiver software and how?

We strongly recommend that you "Restart" measurements when you change the conditions of the DUT, particularly in the following 2 cases:

  1. During modulation analysis for FM and PM signals in Auto Mode, if the deviation drastically increases, the modulation analyzer may start to report inaccurate results. A Measurement Restart may be needed in this case. This will cause the modulation measurement to re-initialize, and consequently perform the bandwidth measurement again. At this time the analyzer will increase its measurement bandwidth to accommodate the wider bandwidth signal.
  2. During "TRFL" measurements, when you decrease the amplitude levels of signal under test especially when the signal level is getting close to the noise floor of the analyzer, you may "Restart" measurement. As the signal-to-noise ratio decreases, the N5530S software will automatically increase the number of averaging to achieve the accuracy required, which can prolong the measurement time. So, each time you decrease the amplitude level, restarting your measurement will reinitiate the averaging based on the value of newly changed signal level and avoid wasting time for calculating the intermediate results.

The easiest way to "Restart" measurement is to press "F5" button on your PC keyboard. You may also click the "Utility" at the top of the PC user interface to pop up the menu and then select "Measurement Restart".