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Is it possible to upgrade my Infiniium 54800-series Oscilloscope from Windows(r) 98 to Windows XP Pro?

The Infiniium Performance Upgrade Kit is model number N5383A. This kit upgrades your Infiniium 54830-series Oscilloscope to the Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro open operating system and expands its CPU memory to 512 MB. The models that are able to be upgraded from Windows 98 are: 54830B, 54831B, 54832B, 54830D, 54831D and 54832D. The 548xxA models, including the 54835A, cannot be upgraded.

If you have an upgradeable model, you may purchase the N5383A upgrade kit and have your local Agilent Instrument Support Center perform the upgrade for an additional fee or you may upgrade your system yourself.

Please note that if you choose not to upgrade your scope, you will not be able to upgrade your system software beyond revision A.02.30. Software revisions A.03.00 and greater require Windows XP.

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