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High Speed Digital Products: Comparison Chart

The Product Configuration Table below shows which ADS Elements are included in which high speed digital bundles.

Element Model Number and Name W2210 ADS Core, Transient Convolution Bundled W2211 ADS Core, Transient Convolution, Layout, Momentum G2 Bundled W2219 ADS Core, Transient Convolution, CILD, Layout, Momentum G2 Bundled
  W2200 Advanced Design System (ADS) Core Check Check Check
  W2302 Transient Convolution Element (includes Channel Simulator) Check Check Check
W2307 Controlled Impedance Line Designer -- -- Check
  W2321 Layout Element  -- Check Check
  W2341 Momentum G2 Element  -- Check Check

The following Elements have application in high speed digital projects and are available separately as add-ons. Please consult the dependency table to see required products.

What is the difference between a Bundle and buying the constituent Modules individually?

The pricing for bundles is discounted from the sum of the individual products. A bundle license links a set of modules into single block under one codeword. This means that when a user begins using a bundle, all of the products in the bundle are available to that user and unavailable to other users. Purchasing all of the modules individually allows them to be used more flexibly among multiple users, but in the latter case the bundle discount is not applicable.

Bundles are available in Nodelocked and Floating versions.

Ordering and Configuration Sales Assistance

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