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The Benchlink Data Logger Software is unable to see my 34970A even though it is connected, how do I correct this?

The reason you are not able to see the instrument is because the Benchlink Data Logger Software makes use of the IO Libraries as a communication medium to talk to the 34970A Instrument. If this is the first time you are using the Benchlink Data Logger 3 Software with the 34970A, the IO Libraries might not be able to detect the equipment. If that is the issue, please go to the IO Connection Expert of the IO Libraries Suite to manually add in the Instrument according to the kind of communication interface that you are using.

The step below shows the manually adding in of the 34970A Data Acquisition using RS232 as the communication interface. (Note: The Baud Rate, Parity and the flow control that is being used on the 34970A instrument must also be set the same on the computer.)

Steps to detect the 34970A in IO Libraries 14.1 using RS232:

  1. Start the Connection Expert software
  2. Select Com 1 (depending on which com port you are using) and click on Properties and a Box will pop up. Please check and verify that the setting of the Com port is the same as what is being set on the 34970A.
  1. Select the Com Port used and then click OK
  1. A box will pop up asking if you would like to Auto-Identify the Instrument, select the option to enable the function

After this step is completed, you should be able to see the 34970A Data Acquisition instrument in the Connection Expert under the Communication Interface Used.