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ADS 2009 Update 1 General Hotfix (version: 351.515)


This hotfix addresses various issues of ADS 2009 Update 1 in the areas including Simulation, Momentum, Desktop LVS, Licensing, DDS and Design environment.

Note on Licensing

When more than one license server is listed in the license path and the license content on those servers differs from server to server, you can run into a problem where only the first server is used from the list.

This issue does not occur when using a single license server, license servers with identical content simply split across servers, or when using a license files.

See the above general hotfix download link for more details.

Note on FEM Engine Technology Upgrade

If you want the latest FEM engine technology, in addition to this hotfix, you need to install the "FEM Update" separately. This "FEM Update" can be downloaded from bottom of the ADS 2009 U1 download page.