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WLAN 802.11 RF Test Matrix

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802.11 WLAN RF Tests
IEEE 802.11 RF Layer Tests IEEE Reference 89600 VSA Software 1 or 89607A WLAN Test Suite Software PSA  Spectrum Analyzers with Option 217 WLAN Measurement Personality N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set -103 for Wireless LAN N5182A MXG and E4438C ESG vector signal generator with N7617B Signal Studio software for WLAN P-Series/EPM-P Series Power Meters X-Series signal analyzer with N9077A WLAN measurement application 7 N8300A Wireless Networking Test Set with N6302A WLAN measurement application
WLAN Transmitter Tests                
Output power
 X  X  X    X 2  X  X
Power rise/fall  X    X    X  X   X
Spectrum mask
 X  X  X      X  X
Carrier suppression  X  X  X      X  X
Center frequency leakage  X  X  X      X  X
Spectral flatness  X  X  X      X  X
Transmission spurious  X 3  X  X 4      X 3  X 4
Center frequency tolerance
 X  X  X      X  X
Symbol clock frequency tolerance
 X  X  X      X  X
Constellation error
 X  X  X      X  X
Error vector magnitude
 X  X  X      X  X
WLAN Transceiver Tests                
Out-of-band spurious emission
   X          X
WLAN Receiver Tests                
     X 5  X 5      X
Maximum input level
     X  X      X
Adjacent channel rejection
     X 6  X 6      X 6
Non-adjacent channel rejection      X 6  X 6      X 6
Clear channel assessment
     X  X      X

1 89600 VSA software can be used with a variety of digitizers including: X-Series Signal Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer, ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer, N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set.

2 Thermal sensor gives true rms power reading. Peak detector under-reads peak-average result when OFDM/modulation is applied. P-series power meters offer gating for accurate power measurements on bursted signals.

3 Requires spectrum analyzer mode.

4 This is an out-of-band measurement and requires a X-Series Signal Analyzers or ESA-E Series Spectrum Analyzer

5 Test signal is fully-coded, which enables vendor-specific PER measurements to be performed. The N5182A MXG, E4438C ESG and N4010A do not perform PER measurements.

6 Use a second signal generator as interferer. CW interference (for blocking tests) can be generated using Keysight N5182A MXG or E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator

7 X-Series Signal Analyzers requires 89600 VSA software or N9077A WLAN Measurement Application.