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Agilent Has Become Keysight

Find the same savings with Keysight Premium Used equipment and Trade-In offers

Keysight Remarketing Solutions 

Keysight Remarketing Solutions offers a vast selection of high-quality test equipment. Keysight Premium Used units are re-manufactured to like-new specifications and appearance, giving you 100% Keysight quality and performance for less. The Keysight Trade-In program lets you upgrade to newer equipment, save money and boost your competitive edge.

Keysight Premium Used

  • Savings of 20-70%
  • Comprehensive refurbishment
  • Standard 3-year warranty

 Keysight Trade-In

  • Save 20-50% on a new unit
  • Migrate quicker to the new technology
  • Enhance your competitive edge

   Keysight offers on eBay

  • Shop online. Keysight Premium Used. Keysight Used. Hassle free. 24/7.