Cost Effectively Solve WLAN Test Challenges With New EXM Features

In wireless manufacturing, meeting ever-tougher goals and tighter schedules is easier when you have access to the best resources. Look to Keysight and the new features of our EXM wireless test set. You know the EXM is scalable to meet your production needs and in-sync with the latest WLAN and cellular chipsets. Now the EXM provides even more capability to make your WLAN testing more effective and beneficial to your operation.

Address device characterization and high volume manufacturing needs of your next generation 802.11ac WLAN devices

  • Test up to 4x4 True MIMO with up to 160 MHz per channel and up to 6 GHz max frequency
  • Calibrate and verify devices with transmit beamforming functionality
  • Utilize the source and analyzer independently on each TRX for maximum test speed and efficiency
  • Efficiently capture multi-format WLAN signals for analysis in a single sequence

Scalable, flexible test set to implement your fastest, most cost effective manufacturing test

  • Up to 4 TRX per mainframe, each with 4 I/O ports
  • Each box can be configured with 2 half-duplex (switchable between input and output) and 2 full-duplex (simultaneous input/output) ports OR 4 full-duplex ports per TRX
  • Broadest multi-format capability including the latest formats such as 802.11ac with up to 4x4 True MIMO and LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation
  • Cost effective licensing – one application license covers the entire box, up to 4 TRX’s!

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