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Comparison of Mixer Characterization using New Vector Characterization Techniques – White Paper 
This paper presents a novel method for characterizing RF mixers, yielding magnitude, phase, and group delay response of the conversion loss, as well as the input match and output match.

Application Note 2002-10-04

UNIX vs. Windows Differences for 3070 Users 
This documentation serves as a PC transition guide to help existing 3070 customers migrate from the Unix platform to the PC platform.

Application Note 2002-09-19

Fundamentals of Signal Analysis Series (AN 1405-2) 
This application note is a primerfor those who are unfamiliar with the class of analyzers we call dynamic signal analyzers. These instruments are particularly appropriate for the analysis of signals in the range of a few millihertz to about a hundred kilohertz.

Application Note 2002-08-06

Windows & Unix Feature Comparison 
The Windows & Unix 3070 Feature Comparison document provides a detailed listing of features translated to the Windows based 3070 from the Unix based 3070.

Application Note 2002-07-31

3070 In System Programming (ISP) Family 
On Board Programming, Bottom Line Benefits

Application Note 2002-07-25

Remote Network Connections Creation for the Operator Logon 
Operator logon on the Keysight 5DX Series II System is limited, in that it does not allow Operator to make network connections that are required for sending images and res files to the PLR workstation.

Application Note 2002-06-30

Using NDFCOL.EXE, the NDF "Line Up the Columns" Utility 
NDFCOL.EXE is a handy little utility that will form neat columns of data in NDF files.

Application Note 2002-06-06

Obtaining a Listing of Applications on Series II Systems 
There is currently no easy way to obtain a list of all resident applications on a 5DX System or TDW. It is difficult to match panel name with hash name and see when the application was last updated.

Application Note 2002-06-01

Fundamentals of Signal Analysis Series (AN 1405-1) 
This Application Note is a primer for those who are unfamiliar with the advantages of analysis in the frequency and modal domains.

Application Note 2002-05-24

Sampling on the Keysight 5DX 
Sampling Mode allows test coverage to be optimized with line speed. This document explore the setup procedure for the Keysight 5DX for sampling.

Application Note 2002-05-08

VNA and TDR Techniques for Circuit Board Characterization 
by Gigatest Labs. Review the value of using both TDR and VNA measurements to extract useful information about the properties of transmission lines.

Application Note 2002-04-01

Network Analysis Basics - Applying Error Correction To Network Analyzer Measurements (AN 1287-3) 
Only perfect test equipment would not need correction. Imperfections exist in even the finest test equipment and cause less than ideal measurement results.

Application Note 2002-03-27

Network Analysis - Balanced and Multiport Device Measurements (1373-2) 
The use of differential components such as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters and differential amplifiers is becoming more common in the wireless industry because they have greater performance than their single-ended counterparts.

Application Note 2002-03-08

Keysight 3070 Outsource Series Pay-Per-Use Board Test System 
With a Keysight 3070 Outsource Pay-Per-Use System, you can define your system according to the products you have to test.

Application Note 2002-03-08

8 Hints for Debugging and Validating High-speed Buses 
8 Hints for Debugging High-speed Buses

Application Note 2002-03-05

PLD Programming on the Keysight 3070 Using the PLD ISP Product 
In-System Programmable PLDs are more widely used on today's boards to provide flexibility to design engineers and to reduce the cost of a product.

Application Note 2002-02-26

Power Supply Testing (AN 372-1) 
An electronic load offers a broad range of operating modes, providing versatile loading configurations needed for characterizing and verifying DC power supply design specifications.

Application Note 2002-02-22

How to use the Keysight 81200 together with Keysight VEE - Application Note 
This attached Product Note shows how to use the Keysight 81200 Data Generator/Analyzer together with Keysight VEE for Signal Integrity Analysis.

Application Note 2002-01-28

Cryogenic On-Wafer Measurement Techniques to 18K 
by Cascade Microtech

Application Note 2002-01-17

Network Analysis Basics - Understanding and Improving Dynamic Range (1363-1) 
This Application Note explains that achieving the highest possible network analyzer dynamic range is extremely important when characterizing many types of microwave devices, and in some cases the key factor in determining measurement performance.

Application Note 2001-11-01

The Life of a 5DX Inspection C# File 
The {Hashed Panel Name}.C# file is basically cad information about a panel program. It is used in conjunction with various utilities to overlay cad data on images or provide cad data for filters.

Application Note 2001-10-16

Synchronizing 3070 System Clocks 
These instructions are for synchronizing the system clocks of several network-connected UX workstations in the absence of an existing timeserver.

Application Note 2001-09-27

Network Analysis - Balanced Measurement Example: SAW Filters (1373-5) 
SAW filters are commonly used in wireless communication products because of their very sharp response characteristics, relatively low insertion loss, and low cost.

Application Note 2001-09-17

Network Analysis Basics - 10 Hints for Making Better Network Analyzer Measurements (AN 1291-1B) 
This Application Note contains hints to help you understand and improve your use of network analyzers, and a summary of network analyzers and their capabilities.

Application Note 2001-09-17

Network Analysis - Balanced Measurement Example: Baluns (1373-6) 
Differential circuits are becoming more widely used in RF circuits for the same reasons that they have been used for years in lower frequency analog circuits.

Application Note 2001-09-17

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