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Keysight offers simulation and test capability for all of your filter design and test needs.

You can design, synthesize, and optimize filters for use from baseband to microwave frequencies with a full lineup of filter synthesis, simulation and optimization tools. These tools have been integrated into Keysight's leading EDA software including Advanced Design System (ADS) and Genesys Filter Synthesis tools.

After designing your filter and building a prototype, you can utilize Keysight test equipment to verify your designs. Keysight products include Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Sources, Oscilloscopes and more, all for your filter test requirements.

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Presentation on FET Modeling for Power Amplifier Design 
This Presentation by David Root (Agilent Technologies) higlights that the measurement based modeling is a practical and versatile approach for simulating Power Amplifiers and other larger-signal circuits FETs.

Seminar Materials 2000-11-01

Presentation on RF Predistortion of Power Amplifiers - Part 1 
This Presentation by Shawn P. Stapleton on RF Predistortion of Power Amplifiers focuses on adaptive RF predistrotion techniques - concepts and RF predistortion design examples.

Seminar Materials 2000-11-01


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