Keysightの測定システムは、KeysightのIC-CAP(Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program)ソフトウェアを使って、設定、制御、自動化を容易に実行できます。KeysightのIP-CAPは、業界最高のデバイス・モデリング測定/パラメータ抽出ソフトウェアであり、精密なDC、CV、Sパラメータ評価に基づいて、詳細なノンリニア・モデル・パラメータ・セットを抽出するために使用できます。IC-CAPでは、簡単に測定をセットアップし、回路シミュレーションと最適化を実行できます。また、Spectre、HSPICE、Eldo、KeysightのAdvanced Design System(ADS)などの 一般的なシミュレータのリストから回路シミュレータを選択できます。


推奨のIC-CAPデバイス・モデリング構成では、DC、CV、ノイズ、RFデバイス測定を実行できます。これらの構成には、半導体デバイスの正確な評価に必要なバイアス回路、ケーブル、アダプタが付属します。IC-CAPデバイス・モデリング構成は、Cascade Microtech社やSuss社などの主要なオンウェーハ測定用プローブ・ステーションと組み合わせて使用できます。

RF評価のためのSパラメータ測定には、KeysightのPNAネットワーク・アナライザが使用されます。DCおよびCV測定には、KeysightのB1500、4156またはE5720半導体パラメータ・アナライザが使用されます。Keysight 11612T/V-Kxx高周波バイアス回路は、測定システムと被試験デバイスとの間の容易なリモート接続を実現し、測定確度が向上します。詳細については、 デバイス・モデリング用推奨モデリング構成を参照してください。


測定ハードウェアの統合、インストール、スタートアップの支援を追加サービスとして提供いたします。Keysight EEsof EDA窓口までお問い合わせください。


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Keysight Technologies to Demonstrate Latest Simulation Software Solutions at CSICS 
Keysight announces it will demonstrate its latest RF circuit, system and 3-D electromagnetic design and electro-thermal simulation software solutions at the Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS 2015), Sheraton New Orleans, Booth 601, New Orleans, Oct. 11-14.

プレス資料 2015-10-08


構成ガイド 2015-10-07

Keysight EEsof EDAユーザ向けメールマガジン -- しみゅレター 

ニュースレター 2015-09-30

How to Model a BJT Bipolar Junction Transistor 
This video covers the basics of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) modeling and illustrates an easy step-by-step procedure to extract the model parameters of the popular Gummel-Poon (GP) model. While the GP model was introduced in the early 1970’s, it still enjoys a wide popularity in electronic device modeling and many modeling engineers consider it a classic and an excellent starting point for getting familiar with modeling in general.

使用法の説明ビデオ 2015-08-28

Keysight Technologies' University Educational Support Programs Now in More Than 200 Universities 
Keysight announces that more than 200 universities in North America are now participating in the Keysight EEsof EDA University Educational Support Programs, which provide several thousand students with EDA software licenses.

プレス資料 2015-08-20

Keysight Technologies to Demonstrate Latest EDA Software Solutions at 52nd Annual DAC 
Keysight announces it will demonstrate its latest electronic design automation software for microwave, RF, high-frequency, high-speed digital, RF system, electronic system level, circuit, 3-D electromagnetic, physical design and device-modeling applications at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2015, Booth 2020, San Francisco, June 8-10.

プレス資料 2015-06-08

Dialog Semiconductor adopts IC-CAP, MBP, MQA, and WaferPro Express software 
Keysight announces that Dialog Semiconductor has adopted the Keysight EEsof EDA IC-CAP, MBP, MQA, and WaferPro Express software to perform foundry technology characterization, model validation, model customization and enhancement.

プレス資料 2015-05-11

Drive Down the Cost of Test Using the ENA Series of Network Analyzers - Application Note 
In this application note, we discuss the contributions of Keysight Technologies, Inc.’s ENA Series of Vector Network Analyzers (ENA, hereafter) to drive down the cost of test in production lines.

アプリケーション・ノート 2015-05-01

Keysight Technologies Unveils WaferPro Express 2015 Platform for Wafer-Level Device Characterization 
Keysight announces WaferPro Express 2015, a measurement software platform for the automated characterization of wafer-level devices and circuit components.

プレス資料 2015-04-28

Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer Overview 
This video will provide a brief overview of Keysight E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer (ALFNA), the next-generation system for measurement of 1/f noise and random telegraph noise. It will describe ALFNA’s innovative modular design and its technical advantages. It will also touch on wide-range applications and how they are enabled by ALFNA’s industry-leading technical specifications and rich feature set.

製品紹介ビデオ 2015-04-21

Keysight Technologies to Showcase Semiconductor Parametric, Modeling Solutions at IRPS 2015 
Keysight announces it will demonstrate some of its many semiconductor parametric and modeling solutions at the 53rd International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), Hyatt Regency Monterey Resort, Booth 203/205, Monterey, Calif., April 19-23.

プレス資料 2015-04-16

Keysight Technologies IC-CAPデバイス・モデリング・ソフトウェア 

技術概要 2015-03-26

Keysight Technologies EEsof EDAお客様サポート 
Keysight Technologiesのソリューションは、必ずお客様に満足いただけます。適切なソフトウェア、サポート、コンサルティング・ソリューションを提供し、お客様のエンジニアリングの生産性の向上、将来的な成功に貢献します。

ブローシャ 2015-03-26

Keysight WaferPro Express 
The Keysight WaferPro Express software performs automated wafer-level measurements of semiconductor devices such as transistors and circuit components. It provides turnkey drivers and test routines for a variety of instruments and wafer probers. Its user interface makes it easy to setup and run complex wafer-level test plans, while powerful customization capabilities are enabled by the new Python programming environment.

製品紹介ビデオ 2015-03-24

Keysight Technologies Model Quality Assurance(MQA) 

ブローシャ 2015-03-02

Keysight Technologies Model Builder Program 

ブローシャ 2015-02-04

Keysight Technologies WaferPro Expressソフトウェア 

ブローシャ 2015-01-29

How to Make Accurate, Automated RF Wafer-level Measurements 
The video introduces automation as a way to increase productivity and efficiency. Keysight WaferPro Express measurement software is used to illustrate the various steps in combination with Cascade Microtech Velox software for prober control and Cascade WinCalXE software for automated calibration.

使用法の説明ビデオ 2015-01-27

How to Extract SRAM Models  
This video shows how to extract SRAM device models efficiently on Keysight's device modeling platform.

使用法の説明ビデオ 2015-01-14

Keysight Donates $120 Mil. Gift of Software, Support and Training to Georgia Institute of Technology 
Keysight announces the largest in-kind software donation in its longstanding relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

プレス資料 2014-12-10

Keysight Receives Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership in Instrumentation Software 
Keysight Technologies announces that Frost & Sullivan has recognized Keysight with the 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Leadership in Instrumentation Software for excellence in capturing the highest market revenue within its industry. The award is based on Frost & Sullivan's recent analysis of the instrumentation software market.

プレス資料 2014-12-08

Keysight EEsof EDA Software and Modular Solutions for Universities 
Keysight works in collaboration with universities to provide tools that enable education and research for the engineers of tomorrow. The brochure outlines available programs, software and hardware.

ブローシャ 2014-08-03

EDA Support Services - Flyer 
Keysight Support Services for EDA Products offers customers several benefits otherwise not available. This service is designed to help you get the most out of your software purchases.

ブローシャ 2014-08-03

RF and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program - Brochure 
This program confirms a student’s technical knowledge, design expertise, and hands-on measurement proficiency in the use of Keysight EEsof software design tools and Keysight instruments.

ブローシャ 2014-08-03

Advanced Modeling Solutions for Nanoscale 3D FinFETs and High-Frequency/High-Power GaN HEMTs 
Agilent announces several innovations for the 2014 release of its industry-leading suite of device modeling and characterization software tools. The suite is comprised of IC-CAP, MBP, and MQA.

プレス資料 2014-06-18


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