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Software Defined Radio Development & Test (SDR)

Ensuring interoperation of your development and deployment of SDR systems

SDR designs require greater integration of DSP/digital and RF functions requiring consistent test tools that cross the digital-analog divide. Keysight recognizes this challenge and has broadened its traditional wireless toolsets to work across the digital and RF elements, allowing system-wide debugging and ensuring interoperation of your test so you can focus on what matters most; assuring your design will be successful.

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  • no image available 16900 Series Modular Logic Analysis Systems 
    no image available

    16900 Series Modular Logic Analysis Systems

    The flexibility of a modular logic analysis system allows you to choose how to debug your design...

  • SystemVue ESL Software 

    SystemVue ESL Software

    EDA environment for electronic system-level (ESL) design that enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of next-generation wireless and aerospace/defense communications systems

  • N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer Front Image N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer, 3 Hz to 50 GHz 
    N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer Front Image

    N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer, 3 Hz to 50 GHz

    N9030A PXA high-performance X-Series signal analyzer up to 50 GHz (to 325 GHz and beyond with external mixer) ideal for applications in A/D, commercial communications and more; remote language compatibility; real-time spectrum analyzer capabilities.

  • Advanced Design System (ADS) 

    Advanced Design System (ADS)

    The industry’s leading RF, microwave & high speed digital electronic design automation software for wireless communications & networking, aerospace & defense, and signal integrity applications.

  • Vector Signal Analysis Software 

    Vector Signal Analysis Software

    Includes products: 89601A, 89601AN, 89601AS, 89601N12, 89604A, 89607A.

  • PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers 

    PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers

    PSA Series high performance spectrum analyzers offers spectrum analysis up to 50 GHz.

  • Signal Studio and Creation Software 

    Signal Studio and Creation Software

    Signal Studio software is a flexible suite of signal-creation tools that will reduce the time you spend on signal simulation. Its performance-optimized reference signals enhance the characterization and verification of your devices.

  • ESG Signal Generators 

    ESG Signal Generators

    E4438C, E4428C ESG signal generators provide frequency coverage from 250 kHz to 6 GHz for baseband and RF cellular communication wireless connectivity, audio or video broadcasting or aerospace defense test.

  • no image available PXI Signal Generator (Signal Sources) 
    no image available

    PXI Signal Generator (Signal Sources)

    PXI Signal Generators (Signal Sources) provide Keysight quality and performance in the PXI form factor to address your RF design and test challenges in design, DVT and manufacturing