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Advanced Research

At the extremes of science, research often goes beyond “scientific discovery” to become the discovery of new sciences.

In laboratories around the world, Keysight instrumentation has become an integral part of advanced experimental systems, whether for system control or experiment observation.

Advanced Research

Applications include:

  • Astrophysics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Particle physics
  • Plasma physics

and other high-energy physics advanced research applications.

Keysight high-speed instruments are used in two major areas:

  • Real-time control and measurement
  • Single-shot, or event-based measurements

Expanding knowledge on phenomena at galactic or nanometer scale, confidence in results is strengthened by dependable measurement solutions that provide exceptional speed and measurement fidelity. Keysight provides the extreme speed and precision needed for system monitoring and control, and for capturing data from the events at speeds that exceed the interactions of the experiments themselves.

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