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Debugging High-Speed Digital Signals

Save time during debug by correlating models and measurements

Whether you need to monitor bus traffic, capture infrequent events or measure bits in real time, we offer a range of essential tools that enable fast, deep and insightful debugging. Isolate the most challenging problems—and solve them with confidence. Keysight - achieve your best design.

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Digital Design & Interconnect Standards - Brochure 
Brochure shows Agilent’s high-speed digital solution set , a range of essential tools, measurement and simulation—that will help cut through the challenges of gigabit digital designs.

Brochure 2015-03-09

DDR4 TdiVW/VdiVW Bit Error Rate Measurement or Understanding Bit Error Rate 
Importance of making BER measurement calculations to form a statistical measurement of total jitter to understand the design's data valid window result and design error rates.

Application Note 2013-01-24

Effective Reflection Characterization for Active Devices Using ENA Option TDR Application Note 
This application note describes Hot TDR measurement, which is an effective characterization method for the reflection of transmitter and receiver.

Application Note 2012-01-12

Mixed Analog & Digital Signal Debug and Analysis Using a Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope 
Using a mixed analog and digital 32 bit WLAN application example, this note shows how an MSO with deep memory makes debugging today’s mixed analog and digital designs easier than ever before.

Application Note 2009-06-01

Debugging Signal Integrity and Protocol Layers on DDR Designs 
As DDR data transmission rates increase, signal integrity and clarity become critical concerns. So one of the primary challenges with DDR is debugging failures.

Application Note 2008-12-19

Integrated Debugging-A New Approach to Troubleshooting Your Designs with Real-Time Oscilloscopes 
Traditional debugging can be time consuming and inefficient. With Keysight Infiniium oscilloscopes, “integrated debugging” is a reality, and it leads you directly to the root cause of problems.

Application Note 2008-01-30

Agilent Technologies and Fujitsu Microelectronics Pacific Asia Ltd. to Deliver Chipset Test Solution 

Press Materials 2007-10-24

Complete solutions for characterization, debug, compliance test of HDMI designs - Brochure 
This brochure discusses test solutions for HDMI. Thorough characterization and validation of HDMI-based designs

Brochure 2007-10-19

Debugging USB 2.0: It's Not Just A Digital World (AN 1382-3) 
Debugging USB 2.0 Systems

Application Note 2006-10-05

Improve Your Time-to-Insight:Debugging Intermittent Memory Failures in DDR and DDR2 Systems 
Application Note 1575

Application Note 2006-04-14

Planning Your Design for Debug: FPGA Dynamic Probe 

Application Note 2005-01-26

InfiniBand System Level Debugging (AN 1382-1) 
This application note is written for R & D engineers developing InfiniBand processors and InfiniBand system designers and integrators. It covers key concepts underlying system-level debug and validation of InfiniBand systems.

Application Note 2004-03-17

In-circuit Debug of FPGAs 
This application note covers key methods of debugging FPGAs along with technologies that reduce the number of pins needed for debug.

Application Note 2003-05-01

Debugging Parallel RapidIO Designs 

Application Note 2003-01-09

8 Hints for Debugging and Validating High-speed Buses 
8 Hints for Debugging High-speed Buses

Application Note 2002-03-05

8 Hints for Debugging Siemens MCU-based Designs 
A new type of instrument, the mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO), closes the gap in MCU debugging tools. The Keysight 54645D from Hewlett-Packard combines two analog scope channels with 16 digital logic channels, so you can monitor analog and digital lines at the same time. This MSO offers more...

Application Note 1998-11-01