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Silicon RFIC Design

RFIC design requires specialized and unique solutions beyond what a standard custom IC front-to-back design platform offers. Traditionally, harmonic balance (HB) simulators have been the key asset to serve these needs; however, the move to higher frequency bands, tighter on-chip integration, as well as within multi-chip modules assembled on printed circuit boards (PCBs) and latest wireless standards like LTE-Advanced (4G) or 802.11ac (WLAN) add new challenges to the underlying design platform. Keysight's RFIC simulation, analysis and verification solutions include a number of products to address the resulting requirements.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class RF circuit simulators provide the most advanced steady-state and envelope solvers for design and verification of RFICs.
  • Advanced analysis support offers a variety of capabilities required to fully explore, analyze and optimize your design far beyond what you will typically find in Spice “simulators” to make your designs more robust before tape-out.
  • Automation & usability accelerate the design and verification of your circuits through a number of built-in features.
  • Wireless standard-compliant design capability leverages the power of Communications Systems and RF circuit simulators together with a comprehensive library of standards based wireless verification IP to accelerate the validation of complex RFICs.
  • RF to mm-Wave design support offers the best performance, capacity and accuracy whether you are at RF or millimeter wave (mm-Wave) frequencies.
  • Integrated EM solvers provide the best trade-off for speed vs. accuracy and combine full-wave and quasi-static 3D planar EM solvers for RF passives, high-frequency interconnects and parasitic modeling with frequency-domain (FEM) and time-domain (FDTD) 3D EM simulation technologies.
  • Go beyond IC design and seamlessly move across design domains of IC, package and board. This not only enables the co-design of the whole system (or sub-system), but also the optimization across entities that have traditionally been designed, simulated, and verified separately.

At the product level, Keysight's Silicon RFIC Design Solutions span across various tools depending on in which platform you work in, or what part of your design flow is done in which platform.