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Teaching Resources

Engage and inspire students with real-world tools. 

Enhance demonstrations and hands-on labs to help students gain practical skills with Keysight training sessions for instruments and software. Open the door for your most promising students with the Keysight RF Ready certification program. Bring theory to life with Keysight –developed teaching kits that offer practical measurement scenarios.  

  • Keysight EEsof EDA University Educational Support Programs
    • Learn to use Keysight EEsof EDA tools to create tomorrow’s innovations.
  • Keysight University Teaching Solutions
    • A wide variety of lab solutions with the performance, versatility, convenience, and price to meet your measurement needs.
  • Basic Instruments for Education
    • Looking for some basic instruments to equip your teaching lab? In this page, we offer a variety of general purpose and basic instruments for both students and educators. Make the right choice.
  • Software, Connectivity Solutions
    • Keysight provides software for your entire design and test cycle – from simulation up to analysis and display of the data.
  • Keysight Education Discounts & Promotions
    • Enjoy new attractive education discounts, catered specially for universities and learning institutions.
  • Pre-Written Labs
    • Visit our Online Encyclopedia of Pre-Written Lab Exercises designed for undergraduate engineering students, these experiments have been submitted by leading engineering educators from around the world.
  • Java Animations
    • In engineering school, we learn to represent sinusoidal wave forms with vectors. But a paper textbook can't do justice to a time-varying vector. The java animations add life to vectors and help the student visualize engineering fundamentals.
  • iOS App: Engineering Calculator Application for iPhones
    • Interactive application allows users to input the required data and results are shown in the form of graphs, tables, animations or other meaningful representation.
  • iOS App: Electronics Handbook for IOS
    • Interactive application contains calculators, simulators and engineering basics info for engineers, lecturers and engineering students.
  • Agilent VEE Pro 9.2 Logo VEE Education 9.32 
    Agilent VEE Pro 9.2 Logo

    VEE Education 9.32

    Designed for colleges or universities for use in lab teaching and course syllabus. This version includes 10 licenses in a single package.