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MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output,多重輸入與輸出) 無線電利用一些技術,使 RF 頻譜的運用更有效。有些像是分域多工 (Spatial Division Multiplexing, SDM) 的技術,可增加連結的資料容量。而其他像是空時區塊碼 (Space Time Block Coding, STBC) 的技術則可使連結更穩定,能擴大其使用範圍。

MIMO 無線電利用發射器和接收器間所擷取多組路徑的無線電信號運作。而數學演算法則用於擴展整個多組發射器的使用者資料。在接收器中,封包開頭的特殊通道校驗信號能在重組過程中辨識相異的信號。

在無線電連結中分離出相異路徑的技術就是使 MIMO 無線電在相同頻率中同時發射多重信號的技術,因此可改善頻譜的使用。

多通道輸入與輸出參考了發射器 - 接收器配置的使用。若使用 STBC,則僅需使用一個接收器 (HSDPA 中的範例),但若使用 SDM 則接收器和發射器的數量要一樣多。正是 RF 硬體的低價和數位信號處理過程使多數人相信 MIMO 是一項包括了無線區域網路 (WLAN)、寬頻無線接取 (Broadband Wireless Access, BWA) 和蜂巢式具遠景的新興無線技術。

MIMO 的最佳採用範例為 IEEE 802.11n。IEEE 802.11n 專案小組提出高速 (大於 100 Mbps 使用者速率) 無線區域網路的建議。有兩項適應於現有 802.11 標準的主要領域可達成此目標。第一個方式是媒體存取控制通訊協定 (MAC),這能使資料封包架構 (像是封包彙整和大量回條) 更為有效使用。第二個方式是藉由新增的 MIMO 使 802.11n 達到更高的產能。由於 802.11n 標準未達草擬規格階段,因此在此階段中並無特殊規格的應用,但有一些進階的提案。

成功的多通道無線電開發包含單一和多通道量測的組合,是德在這方面提供了一些用於兩個通道信號分析和多通道信號產生的工具。查看實際 MIMO 裝置的跨通道量測。請點選 http://wireless.agilent.com/videos/mimo/mimo.htm

MIMO 設計與測試工具
產品 說明
  先進設計系統 ADS 軟體具建立多通道模擬機種和信號的彈性。與 E4438C ESG 向量信號產生器 及 89600 系列向量信號分析 (VSA) 軟體同時使用時,可取得虛擬原型試產。
  89600 系列向量信號分析儀 89600 系列 VSA 軟體1 提供了一些包括相干性、關聯性和跨通道頻率響應的雙通道量測。雙頻 RF 輸入適用於以 VXI 為基礎的 89641/5A。利用 89611A 或 Infiniium 示波器量測 2 個通道的 IF 和 ZF (DC) 信號。
  N4010A 無線連接測試儀 是使用 Bluetooth®、Bluetooth 增強資料速率 (EDR)、ZigBee™、Wireless LAN (WLAN)、802.11 a, b, g、802.11n MIMO 和其他無線連接技術的開發人員、整合廠商與製造商彈性的驗證解決方案。
  E4440A PSA 系列頻譜分析儀 (3 Hz – 26 GHz) E4440A 提供了準確和動態的範圍,以量測並監控寬頻 OFDM 信號。搭配可達 80 MHz 的數位化頻寬,能輕易地擷取傳輸達 40 MHz 的 802.11n 及整個的 ISM 頻帶,以便能夠對無線區域網路和其他信號間的相互影響做深度的分析。
  E4438C ESG 向量信號產生器 (1、2、3、4 或 6 GHz) E4438C ESG 任意波形產生器和 I/Q 調變功能夠建立高效能的 OFDM 波形。提供達 8 個輸出的共用 LO特殊選項。
  N6030A 任意波形產生器 (500 MHz) N6030A 可整合一些時序同步信號。有了 MATLAB® 的儀器控制,便能像多通道無線電系統中的元件般使用。

1 可與多種數位轉換器結合,包括:PSA 和 ESA-E 頻譜分析儀;Keysight N4010A 無線連接測試儀;示波器;邏輯分析儀;以及 VXI

Bluetooth與 Bluetooth 標誌為 Bluetooth SIG Inc. USA 的註冊商標,並授權予致力於 Bluetooth 科技與Bluetooth 通訊研發的 Keysight Technologies 公司。

ZigBee 是 ZigBee 聯盟的註冊商標


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History of 802.11 - White Paper 
The 802.11ax standard holds great promise, especially for dense deployments in both indoor and outdoor environments. Like any emerging standard; however it adopts present unique challenges.

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This WiCON brochure focuses on test solutions for WiMAXT, RFID, NFC, WLAN, Bluetooth®, UWB, ZigBee technologies.

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This document provides a technical overview of test challenges and a convenient PXI-based multi-channel solution to test LTE multi-channel designs.

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M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz - Data Sheet 
This data sheet contains specifications and other technical information related to the M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer.

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89601B/BN-BHF Custom OFDM Modulation Analysis, 89600 VSA Software - Technical Overview 
89600 VSA software Option BHF enables OFDM measurements for analyzing custom OFDM formats, including FDD, TDD, MIMO and multi-user systems.

技術總覽 2015-04-16

N7109A Multi-Channel Signal Analysis System 
The N7109A combines modular N7100 Series measurement hardware with the MIMO capabilities of the industry-leading Keysight 89600B vector signal analysis (VSA) software.

產品型錄 2015-04-16

M9381A PXIe Vector Signal Generator - Product Fact Sheet 
The M9381A PXIe vector signal generator is a compact modular solution that provides frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 3.0 GHz or 6.0 GHz. The M9381A accelerates test throughput with the industry's fastest frequency and amplitude switching speed.

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M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer - Product Fact Sheet 
This document provides an overview of the technical and other benefits related to the M9391A PXIe Vector Signal Analyzer

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Speed Time to Market with Consistent Measurements from R&D Through Manufacturing - Application Note 
This white paper describes the benefits of having a choice of bench top or modular instruments that are supported by common software applications.

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N5106A PXB Baseband Generator and Channel Emulator - Configuration Guide 
This configuration guide offers assistance in the ordering process for the PXB, including convenient bundles and custom configurations.

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AXIe and PXI Modular Test Solution for Multiband SATCOM Monitoring - Application Note 
This application overview will show how to simplify multiple satellite band monitoring and analysis using the Keysight AXIe M9703A high-speed digitizer, N5183A LO, and 89601B VSA software.

應用手冊 2013-11-07

89601B/BN-BHJ, -B7R, -B7Z WLAN, 89600 VSA Software - Technical Overview 
Gain greater insight into wireless LAN signals with the 89600 VSA software for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac modulation analysis.

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Design and Test Solutions for Medical Devices - Brochure 
This brochure showcases Keysight in the emerging Wireless Medical Devices market and provides descriptions on its broad and powerful medical design and test solutions as well as details on the market

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Agilent PXT Wireless Communications Test Set Selected by Tri-L Solutions for LTE Over-the-Air Test 
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that Tri-L Solutions Inc. has selected Agilent's PXT wireless communications test set and integrated it with Tri-L Solutions SmarTest measurement software for testing LTE over the air.

新聞資料 2013-04-08

Multichannel Measurements in MIMO 802.11ac Baseband IQ Simulation, Design & Test - Application Note 
This solution brief will show Keysight Technologies' complete, end-to-end solution for multichannel measurements of 802.11ac BBIQ simulation, design and test.

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Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's First LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO Signal-Generation and Analysi 
Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's First LTE-Advanced 8x8 MIMO Signal-Generation and Analysis Solutions

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Agilent Technologies and CATR (TMC) to Collaborate on TD-LTE MIMO  
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) announced a memorandum of understanding has been signed with the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (Telecommunication Metrology Center), or CATR (TMC). The two organizations have agreed to work together on TD-LTE MIMO over-the-air (OTA) test research.

新聞資料 2012-09-13

MIMO Over-The-Air Research, Development, and Testing 
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, May 2012 article provides information on the many challenges of identifying the optimal channel models and test method(s), for MIMO

專文 2012-05-09

Agilent Technologies Introduces 6-GHz Signal Generators with Industry-Best Performance 
Today's aerospace/defense environment requires enhanced radar performance to detect weak signals at long distances. To provide the pure and precise signals needed to test these designs, the MXG uses an innovative triple-loop synthesizer to deliver phase noise performance of -146 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset. For developers of radar components such as mixers and analog-to-digital converters, the MXG also features industry-leading spurious performance of -96 dBc at 1 GHz.

新聞資料 2012-05-01

N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set - Brochure 
The N4010A is the first test solution to deliver the ability to test Bluetooth, Bluetooth EDR, Bluetooth low energy, WLAN, and ZigBee in a single, easy-to-use, desk-top box.

型錄 2012-03-30

Two-Stage Over-the-Air (OTA) Test Method for LTE MIMO Device Performance Evaluation 
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation, February, 2012, article introduces a novel, flexible, and cost-effective method for measuring MIMO OTA using a two-stage approach.

專文 2012-03-28

Tackling MIMO Design and Test Challenges for 802.11ac WLAN 
This article from Microwave Journal shows how the system engineer can use system simulation to help understand the design performance and design requirements needed to achieve transmitter system-level metrics such as EVM.

專文 2012-03-11

MIMO Tx/Rx Test Solutions - Selection Guide 
For RF engineers working with MIMO implementations in LTE. Determine the right set of Keysight products to help validate MIMO coding and the quality of MIMO signal transmission.

選購指南 2011-05-31

Introduction of LTE-Advanced Signal Generation and Analysis at Mobile World Congress March 2011 
Keysight’s European Marketing Manager, Renaud Duverne, introduces new capabilities capabilities such as carrier aggregation and answers questions about LTE-A early adoption, reducing the cost of test, transformative technologies and the challenges of growing video traffic.

基本展示 2011-03-14

Demonstration of analysis of un-impaired and impaired WiMAX(TM) MIMO signal  
This video contains an analysis of a 2x2 WiMAX MIMO signals using the N7100 Multi-channel Signal Analysis Platform and the 89600 Vector Analysis Software. Both an un-impaired signal and signal impaired by pedestrian fading are examined.

基本展示 2011-03-02


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