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Conformance WiMAX™ Test Equipment

Conformance test ensures interoperability with other WiMAX equipment and a positive end-user experience for your customers. With Keysight’s suite of WiMAX test equipment solutions, built on proven platforms, you can approach interoperability and conformance testing with very high confidence.

Protocol Conformance Test (PCT)
Keysight’s N6430A family of IEEE 802.16-2004/Cor2 D3 Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) solutions are based on the Keysight E6651A Mobile WiMAX™ Test Set. The N6430A product family provides protocol designers with a TTCN-3 scripting interface which supports script development for design needs, as well as the ability to run the ETSI validated protocol test cases in accordance with the WiMAX Forum® PCT certification requirements.

Network Conformance Test (NCT)
The N6434A Network Conformance Test (NCT) system provides a validated test regime for TTCN-3 network conformance testing. It can be used standalone or NCT test cases can be added to existing PCT solutions, since they use the same test infrastructure. This functionality offers users increased coverage of the comprehensive WiMAX certification test program.

Radiated Performance Test (RPT)
The E6651A is also used in radiated performance test (RPT) systems. RPT is undergoing evaluation to become part of the WiMAX Forum’s product certification process. Keysight’s WiMAX equipment, used by ETS-Lindgren in its AMS-8500 RPT system, enables these RPT measurements to be made and helps assure customers of their product quality. For more information visit WiMAXRPT at 

Radio Conformance Test (RCT)
Keysight’s range of WiMAX equipment incorporates the latest industry-required measurements and are found in the AT4 Wireless MINT RCT System. WiMAX Forum Certified™ tests conformance and interoperability of WiMAX base station and subscriber-station products. AT4 Wireless is a WiMAX Forum designated certification laboratory. For more information visit AT4 Wireless at

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