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Accurate Mixer Measurements with ENA Frequency-Offset Mode (AN 1463-6) 
Recommended measurement procedures for evaluating mixers.

Application Note 2007-05-07

Advanced Measurement Techniques for RF Amplifiers Using Unique Functions of the Keysight E5071C ENA 
This application note will briefly review the basic measurement fundamentals of characterizing amplifiers with network analyzers.

Application Note 2007-04-27

Maximising Test Coverage with Keysight Medalist VTEP v2.0 
This paper describes how to get the most from Keysight Technologies’ industry-leading vectorless test innovation, the Medalist VTEP v2.0 which is a suite of solution comprising VTEP, iVTEP and NPM.

Application Note 2007-04-17

Improving the Test Efficiency of the MEMS Capacitive Sensor using the E4980A 
This application brief describes the features of the Keysight E4980A and how it can dramatically improve the test efficiency of MEMS capacitive sensors.

Application Note 2007-04-13

Improving Test Efficiency of MEMS Electrostatic Actuator using the E4980A 
This application brief describes how the Keysight E4980A can greatly improve the test efficiency of MEMS electrostatic actuators.

Application Note 2007-04-12

Characterizing Electromagnetic MEMS Optical Switch Actuator using the E4980A 
This application brief describes how the Keysight E4980A improves the test efficiency of electromagnetic MEMS optical switch actuators.

Application Note 2007-04-04

Characterizing Electromagnetic MEMS Optical Scanner using the E4980A 
This application brief describes how the Keysight E4980A can greatly improve the test efficiency of electromagnetic MEMS optical scanners.

Application Note 2007-04-04

Battery Drain Analysis Improves Mobile-Device Operating Time - Application Note 
Using specialized tools and analysis techniques can help you create mobile-device designs that extend battery life and improve your productivity.

Application Note 2007-02-01

Evaluating Battery Run-down Performance of the 66319D and the 14565B (AN 1427) 
This application note describes how to easily and accurately evaluate the performance of a mobile wireless device while being directly powered by its battery.

Application Note 2007-01-31

Mobile Communications Device Testing (AN 1310) 
Pulsed battery drain currents, regulated charge currents, and remote DUT fixtures, dictate the need for specialized power sourcing, loading, and measurement capabilities for testing mobile communications devices.

Application Note 2007-01-16

Current Drain Analysis Enhances WLAN Network Card Design and Test - Application Note 
This application note explains how to simplify the complex task of accurately measuring and evaluating the current drain of a WLAN network card for its various operating modes.

Application Note 2006-12-14

Highly Accurate Amplifier ACLR and ACPR Testing with the Keysight N5182A MXG Vector Signal Generator 
This note discusses ACLR/ACPR as a key performance characteristic for power amplifiers used to test wireless communications systems and how the Keysight MXG vector signal generator is used to test them.

Application Note 2006-08-30

Improving Meas. and Calibration Accuracy using the Frequency Converter (1408-3) – Application Note 
Improving Measurement and Calibration Accuracy Using the Frequency Converter Application - AN 1408-3

Application Note 2006-08-08

8510 Amplifier Linear and Non-Linear Measurements (PN 8510-18) 
This Product Note discusses techniques for measuring transmission and reflection characteristics of many amplifiers and active devices.

Application Note 2006-07-13

8510 Mixers - Amplitude and Phase Measurements of Frequency Translation Devices (8510-7A) 

Application Note 2006-07-13

SEMI S2 Standard Modifications for Keysight 3070 and Related Equipment 
This document describes three items pertaining to the Keysight 3070 and the SEMI S2 standard. Each of them is related to a variance with the SEMI standard.

Application Note 2006-06-15

PNA - Mixers - Advances in Converter Test 
Keysight 2005 Aerospace Defense Symposium presentation

Application Note 2006-04-24

How to Get the Most from Keysight's Intelligent Yield Enhancement Test (IYET) 
This paper describes how to get the most from IYET for Keysight board test systems.

Application Note 2005-07-15

AXI and Lead-Free Process Characterization 
How to use Automated X-ray Inspection as a tool to characterize new lead-free soldering processes.

Application Note 2005-06-21

In-circuit Testing of Low Voltage Devices 
Core technical document summarizing issues regarding the testing of low voltage devices on the 3070 and i5000, including updated Safeguard information.

Application Note 2005-05-25

Test and Inspection as Part of the Lead-free Manufacturing Process 
The paper addresses issues that will impact defect levels and defect spectrum during the transition to lead-free manufacturing. It also addresses different test and inspection systems’ readiness to test lead-free printed circuit board assemblies.

Application Note 2005-02-22

Accurate Mixer Conversion Loss Measurement Techniques AN 1463-7 
This application note discusses overcoming measurements challenges associated with frequency-translating device (FTD) measurements by using the frequency-offset mode (FOM) option on the ENA RF network analyzers.

Application Note 2005-01-20

PNA - Antenna/RCS - Reduce Measurement Test Times 
This white paper describes new technology features applicable to antenna/RCS measurements, configuration diagrams, typical antenna/RCS measurement scenarios, and measurement time comparisons.

Application Note 2004-12-20

Increase Automotive ECU Test Throughput (AN 1505) 

Application Note 2004-10-22

Increase DC-input Battery Adapter Test Throughput by Several-fold (AN 1506) 

Application Note 2004-10-22

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