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E5080A ENA Series Network Analyzer

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US$ 41,063 Typical Price*


Key Features and Functions
  • 9 kHz to 4.5/6.5/9 GHz, 2- or 4- port, 50 ohm
  • Wide dynamic range 152 dB (typical)
  • Fast measurement speed 3 ms (401 points)
  • Low trace noise 0.0005 dBrms (typical)
  • High temperature stability 0.005 dB/°C
  • Wide source power range –90 to +15 dBm (spec)
  • Intuitive touch-based GUI on large, high-resolution 12.1" screen
  • E5071C/8753 code compatibility
  • Warranty Plans
    Industry-leading 3 year warranty
  • Calibration Plans
    Every spec verified, adjustments included
  • Assurance Plans
    Lock in support & peak performance from the start
What's Included
  • E5080A ENA Series Network Analyzer
  • Installation guide
  • CD ROM IO libraries
  • Power cable
  • Certificate of calibration

Software for this Product

 Network Analyzer Software
Network Analyzer Software
  • Network analyzer software tools for investigating, characterizing & troubleshooting designs
  • Amplifier, filter, mixer, material, high-speed serial interconnect analysis capabilities and more
  • For PNA and ENA network analyzers
E5080A-009 Frequency Offset Mode
E5080A-009 Frequency Offset Mode
  • Expand transmission response measurement capability
  • Frequency-offset sweep & harmonic test
  • Scalar Mixer Calibration (SMC) for accurate conversion loss/gain test
  • Vector Mixer Calibration (VMC) for phase/group delay test

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