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E5061B ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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Key Features and Functions
  • Select the best configuration for your test needs from a wide variety of test set options: 100 kHz to 1.5 GHz/ 3 GHz, 2-port, 50 or 75 ohm, transmission/reflection or S-parameter test set
  • Address a broad range of applications with the LF-RF option (Option 3L5/3L4/3L3): 5 Hz to 3 GHz, 2-port, 50 ohm, S-parameter test set, gain-phase test port, built-in DC bias source
  • Combine network analysis and impedance analysis to customize your application in a single instrument (Option 3L5/3L4/3L3 plus 005)
  • Warranty Plans
    Industry-leading 3 year warranty
  • Calibration Plans
    Every spec verified, adjustments included
  • Assurance Plans
    Lock in support & peak performance from the start
What's Included
  • E5061B ENA vector network analyzer
  • E5061B ENA vector network analyzer Installation guide
  • CD ROM IO libraries
  • Power cable
  • Certificate of calibration

Software for this Product

 Network Analyzer Software
Network Analyzer Software
  • Network analyzer software tools for investigating, characterizing & troubleshooting designs
  • Amplifier, filter, mixer, material, high-speed serial interconnect analysis capabilities and more
  • For PNA and ENA network analyzers
E5061B-010 Time Domain / Fault Location Analysis
E5061B-010 Time Domain / Fault Location Analysis
  • Fully error-corrected time domain reflection or transmission response
  • Up to 1,601 point measurement with low-pass and band-pass modes
  • Gating available to remove unwanted responses

Frequently Bought Together

 RF Calibration Kits with Maximum Frequency up to 13.5 GHz (ECal)
RF Calibration Kits with Maximum Frequency up to 13.5 GHz (ECal)
  • Calibration components designed for precision calibration of our 13.5 GHz and lower frequency VNA product families
  • Includes both mechanical and electronic calibration kits
  • Includes our economy and precision calibrations for calibration that covers 50 ohm and 75 ohm devices
16201A 7 mm Terminal Adapter Kit
16201A 7 mm Terminal Adapter Kit
  • Adapter for E5061B-3L5/3L4/3L4 LF-RF network analyzer with the 7 mm test fixtures
  • Impedance measurement capability with E5061B-005 impedance analysis option
  • Compatible with a wide variety of component test fixtures for impedance analyzers

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