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GS-8000 Lite Wireless Functional Test System

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This product is no longer available

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Keysight GS-8000 Lite Wireless Functional Test System is ideally suited for low cost manufacturing. The test facilities available in the GS-8000 Lite have been carefully selected to ensure that the product’s pricing is kept to a minimum without compromising the GS-8000 Lite’s functionality by ensuring that all essential test functions are included. Keysight GS-8000 Lite Wireless Functional Test System also comes with RF semi-auto box with good RF isolation to fit into standard 19” equipment rack. Two shield boxes are racked side by side to facilitate a sequential test configuration. The RF shield box offers the environment to stimulate call operation over the air with fixture nest or direct conducted measurement.

Features and benefits

  • Low Cost and no frills test platform
  • Ideal for Low Cost Manufacturing
  • Supports wireless UMTS protocols
  • Box tester provides repair capability
  • Worldwide technical support available

The software platform is built-on top of the System Test Executive back-end that provides tools for test plan creation, sequencing, removal and recovery.