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Configuración Típica

N7615B Signal Studio for Mobile WiMAX

  • N7615B-3FP Connect to N5182/62 MXG, N5172 EXG, fixed perpetual license
  • N7615B-EFP Basic Mobile WiMAX, fixed perpetual license
  • N7615B-QFP Advanced Mobile WiMAX, fixed perpetual license
  • N7615B-RFP Advanced Mobile WiMAX 802.16 Updates, fixed perpetual license

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Key Features & Specifications

Signal creation

  • Single- and multi-carrier 802.16 Mobile WiMAX™ and WiBro signals
  • Configure uplink and downlink channel parameters to support testing of STC and MIMO features, and features first introduced in IEEE 802.16 Rev2 (now the 802.16-2009 standard), such as CDD and FDD/H-FDD frames
  • Basic options: create partially coded signals for component test
  • Advanced options: create fully coded signals with flexible zone and burst configuration and embedded fading effects for receiver test

Signal generator control and additive impairments

  • Compatible instruments
  • Control frequency, amplitude and ALC, waveform scaling, triggers, markers, and more
  • I/Q impairments and real-time AWGN

Automation and communication interface

  • Automate test with .NET API
  • API HELP system
  • LAN and GPIB

Other features


Create Keysight validated and performance optimized 802.16 Mobile WiMAX reference signals

N7615B Signal Studio for 802.16 WiMAX is a flexible signal creation software tool with an intuitive graphical interface that lets you easily create waveforms to test WiBro and Mobile WiMAX (802.16e) components and receivers, with convenient access to the physical layer and basic MAC layer parameters. Optional capabilities provide application-specific customization with basic capabilities targeted for component design and test or advanced capabilities for receiver design and test. Flexible licensing provides a product structure that allows for fixed or transportable licenses as well as perpetual or time-based licenses, so you only pay for the capabilities you need.

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