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Scalar-Calibrated Converter Measurements (Option 082)

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Match-corrected power-meter calibration
  • Compatible with Microwave ECal modules
  • Controls external signal generators and power meters
  • Requires frequency offset, option 080


The scalar-calibrated converter measurement application, Option 082, adds user-friendly tools for accurate mixer and converter conversion loss measurements. When used with frequency-offset-mode (Option 080), the application option implements a unique scalar mixer calibration.

The scalar mixer calibration is used for high-accuracy, magnitude-only conversion loss measurements and requires a compatible power meter and power sensor.

The application also supports many of Keysight's signal sources, including the MXG, ESG and PSG series signal generators, as well as the optional second internal source. An optional GPIB-to-USB interface module is also available to control external sources and power meters.