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Recommended Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules for VNA-based PLTS


The PLTS v3.0 software supports the use of Keysight Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules for reducing calibration time and ease-of-use. Various frequency span and connector type options are available.

Model NumberFrequency RangeNumber of PortsConnector Type
  85093C Opt. 00F ECal300 kHz to 9 GHz22 x 3.5 mm (female)
  N4430B Opt. 010 ECal300 kHz to 9 GHz44 x 3.5 mm (female)
  N4431B Opt. 00F ECal300 kHz to 13.5 GHz44 x 3.5 mm (female)
  N4433A ECal300 kHz to 20 GHz44 x 3.5 mm (female)
  N4691B Opt. 00F ECal300 kHz to 26.5 GHz22 x 3.5 mm (female)
  N4692A Opt. 00F ECal10 MHz to 40 GHz22 x 2.92 mm (female)
  N4693A Opt. 00F ECal10 MHz to 50 GHz22 x 2.4 mm (female)
  N4694A Opt. 00F ECal10 MHz to 67 GHz22 x 1.85 mm (female)