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N2597A Fiber SmartProbes

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Key Features & Specifications

WireScope 350 with Fiber SmartProbe

  • Transforms the FrameScope 350 and WireScope 350 into a high performance optical fiber power meter and loss meter
  • Measures fiber length up to 50 km for Singlemode Fiber an 4 km for Multimode Fiber
  • Certifies fiber to TIA 568A, TIA 568B.3 and ISO 11801
  • Network-specific pass/fail determination for 25 fiber interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet
  • Probe options for both 850 and 1300 nm power loss measurements on multimode fiber and 1310 and 1550 nm singlemode fiber
  • Optical Connectors: Multimode: ST x 2; Singlemode: SC x 2


Multimode or Singlemode Fiber SmartProbes simplify installation testing and certification in mixed twisted pair and fiber optic installations.

Attaching the Fiber SmartProbe transforms the FrameScope 350 or the WireScope 350 into a high performance optical fiber power meter and loss meter. The Fiber SmartProbe+ kit will measure fiber length, propagation delay and optical loss.

Attaching the Fiber SmartProbe+ transforms the WireScope 350 into a high performance optical fiber power meter and loss meter. The Fiber SmartProbe+ product line consists of a family of fiber optic test probes, each of which can function as both a transmitter and a detector. The detectors of all Fiber SmartProbes+ support both 850 and 1300 nm measurements for multimode and 1310 and 1550 nm for singlemode. Fiber SmartProbes+ are available with either 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, or 1550 nm transmitters. This architecture supports both single-ended and double-ended measurements and allows Fiber SmartProbes+ to be used together for double-ended measurements.

View Double and Single Ended Test Configurations.

Certifies Fiber for Gigabit Ethernet
Fiber SmartProbes+ provide fast and comprehensive certification of installed fiber for use with Gigabit Ethernet equipment. Test profiles are available for both 1000BaseSX and 1000BaseLX and for multimode and singlemode fiber. Fiber SmartProbes+ support a total of 25 network-specific certification tests (see specifications section for detail).
Fiber SmartProbe Gigabit Ethernet Specifications

Superior Measurement Performance
Length and propagation delay measurement capabilities are included in the multimode and singlemode Fiber SmartProbe+ modules. As data rates increase on LAN and WAN backbones, maximum feasible fiber transmission distances decrease. For example, a popular version of Gigabit Ethernet can only span 260 meters over optical fiber. It is therefore critical to verify compliance with the maximum length restrictions appropriate for the fiber type and network topologies planned for any new or existing installation. Fiber SmartProbes+ are faster and less expensive than an OTDR - the only alternative to perform this function.

Automatic Loss Budget Certification
TIA 568A, 568B.3 and ISO 11801 contain loss budgets that define the maximum allowable loss for installed fibers as a function of fiber length and the number of splices in a link. Until now, verifying compliance with these loss budgets required expensive OTDR equipment and manual calculations. Fiber SmartProbe+ automates this process to produce fast and accurate loss budget certifications with full test result documentation storage as you go.

ScopeData Version 4.0 software or higher allows users to set loss per connector and loss per cable length parameters to customize the formulas used by the Fiber SmartProbe+ to automatically calculate loss budgets. View ScopeData Pro Loss Budget Setup Screen.

The Fiber SmartProbe+ allows custom loss budgets based on cable and connector types. View Custom Loss Budgets.

Professional Quality Reports
ScopeData Pro cable test data management and reporting software is bundled with the WireScope 350/ WireScope 155 and Fiber SmartProbes+ at no additional charge. Scope Data Pro can upload stored fiber and copper test results into the same database for organized and convenient reporting. View Sample Multimode Fiber Graphic Report.


  • Size: 2.4" x 1.6" x 0.8" (6.0 cm x 4.0 cm x 2.5 cm)
  • Optical Connectors: Multimode: ST x 2; Singlemode: SC x 2
  • Power Source: Draws power from WireScope 350/155 and Dual Remote 350/155
  • Operating Temperature: 0o to 40o C
  • Storage Temperature: 10 o to 55 o C


  • Receive Wavelengths: Multimode: 850 and 1300 nm; Singlemode - 1310 and 1550 nm
  • Measurement Accuracy: +/- 0.2 dB @ -20 dBm
  • Dynamic Range: Multimode: 0 to -40 dBm (850 and 1300 nm); Singlemode: 0 to -40 dBm (1310 and 1550 nm)
  • Detector Type: Germanium


  • Power Output: Multimode (into 62.5/125 fiber): -11 dBm (850 nm), -13.5 dBm (1300 nm); Singlemode (into 9/125 fiber): -3 dBm (1310 & 1550 nm)
  • Source Type: Multimode: LED; Singlemode: Stabilized Class 1 LASER product in accordance with EN 60825.1 and FDA 21 CFR 1040.10

Fiber Network Specifications

  • Cabling Standards: TIA 568A, 568B.3 (MMF, SMF), ISO 11801 (MMF, SMF)
  • Gigabit Ethernet: 1000 Base-SX (MMF), 1000 Base-LX (MMF, SMF)
  • Legacy Networks: 100 Base-F (MMF), 10 Base-FL (MMF), 10 Base-FB (MMF), Token Ring (MMF)
  • ATM/Sonet: ATM-155 (UNI 3.1) (MMF), ATM-155 SWL (MMF), ATM-622 (MMF, SMF), ATM/Sonet OC-3 (MMF, SMF), ATM/Sonet OC-12 (MMF, SMF), ATM/Sonet OC-48 (SMF)
  • FDDI/Fibre Channel: FDDI (MMF, SMF), Fibre Channel-133 (MMF), Fibre Channel-266 (MMF, SMF), Fibre Channel-531 (MMF, SMF), Fibre Channel-1062 (MMF, SMF)

Propagation Delay

  • Accuracy (whichever is greater): +/- 4% or +/- 1.5 ns (WS 350); +/- 4% or +/- 6.7 ns (WS 155)
  • Resolution: +/- 1.5 ns (WS 350); +/- 6.7 ns (WS 155)
  • Range: 0 - 300 ms

Cable Length

  • Accuracy (whichever is greater): +/- 4% or +/- 0.3 meters (WS 350) or +/- 1.3 meters (WS 155)
  • Resolution: +/- 0.3 meters (WS 350) @ 67% NVP; +/- 1.3 meters (WS 155) @ 67% NVP
  • Distance Range1: Multimode: 0 - 4 km for 3.75 dB/km @ 850 nm, 0 - 10 km for 1.50 dB/km @ 1300 nm; Singlemode: 0 - 50 km for 0.5 dB/km @ 1310 & 1550 nm

1 Assumes double-ended configuration with 15 dB maximum multimode link loss and 25 dB maximum singlemode link loss. Divide by 2 for single-ended configuration links.