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Key Features & Specifications

  • 1 GHz bandwidth oscilloscope
  • 2 analog channels
  • 5 GSa/s sample rate
  • See more signal detail with 1,000,000 wfms/s update rate
  • Isolate signals in seconds with exclusive zone triggering
  • Additional features available: 20 MHz arbitrary waveform generator, 3-digit voltmeter, serial trigger and analysis and mask testing


Get powerful InfiniiVision benchtop oscilloscope performance in a 1-slot PXIe package.

The InfiniiVision M924XA Series redefines modular oscilloscopes. It gives you the most signal detail with maximum investment protection and is built with technology that leverages decades of Keysight’s high-performance oscilloscope expertise.

The M9243A PXIe modular oscilloscopes provide 1 GHz of analysis bandwidth and support a wide array of probing and analysis tools. This is not a digitizer with an oscilloscope SFP (Soft Front Panel), but is instead a full-featured scope that utilizes Keysight’s InfiniiVision benchtop oscilloscope technology and hardware packaged for a PXI scope.

A wide variety of analysis is supported by an extensive portfolio of application software and multi-function operation. The M9243A includes the capability to perform oscilloscope operation, protocol decode, digital voltmeter (DVM), and frequency/event counter. It even has a built-in function/arbitrary waveform generator. Its 1 million waveforms/second update rate makes the M9243A a valuable troubleshooting and test tool in any PXIe system.

Need advanced probing capability? Add the M9240A to support Keysight AutoProbe active probes like the N7020A power rail probe or the 1146B 100 A current probe.