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Key Features & Specifications

  • Rich, robust, and intuitive package with user-friendly interface
  • Most common used modes built in, easy to add optional modes
  • Quick Scan (optional) navigation speed imaging
  • AutoDrive – Optimal setup of parameters with minimal user intervention
  • Quick Sense – Quantitative mapping of nanomechanical properties
  • Mobile App aids alignment and sample loading
  • Volume spectroscopy and FlexGrid spectroscopy
  • Math plug-ins facilitate quantitative analysis

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NanoNavigator is a revolutionary new Keysight imaging and analysis software package that greatly simplifies the complete control of all scanning parameters and provides the flexibility required for more complex experiments. NanoNavigator supports Keysight’s new Quick Scan technology, which enables AFM scan speeds of up to 2 sec/frame (200x200 pixels).

NanoNavigator software also lets researchers save time by using a new Auto Drive feature that automatically and optimally sets AFM parameters, including I and P gains, within seconds. AFM beginners and experts alike are sure to appreciate the software’s efficient workflow-based GUI as it guides users step-by-step through system setup and operation via intuitive, eye-catching visuals. Quick Sense enables the mapping of nanomechanical properties. You can now images topography, stiffness and adhesion of a sample simultaneously in real time. For ultimate convenience, the NanoNavigator mobile app for smart phones and tablets allows remote monitoring of AFM experiments while they are being performed.

NanoNavigator software supports electrochemistry including SECM, volume spectroscopy and FlexGrid spectroscopy, as well as math plug-ins to facilitate quantitative analysis. Additional and extensive interactive post-processing capabilities are provided by Keysight’s easy-to-use Pico Image, an imaging and analysis software package built into NanoNavigator.