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Prices for: Paraguay

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Key Features & Specifications

  • 2 power channels; each measures voltage, current and power; suitable for DC and AC measurement and analysis
  • Isolated and floating to 1000 V (Cat II)
  • Measures AC, DC or AC+DC
  • Basic accuracy of 0.05% at 50/60 Hz
  • 5 M Samples/second at 16 bits on every waveform simultaneously
  • Measures voltage up to 1000 Vrms with bandwidth of up to 2.5 MHz
  • Measures current directly using 2 internal shunts (2 Arms and 50 Arms) with bandwidth of up to 100 KHz
  • Supports external current probes and transducers of up to 10 V full scale with bandwidth of up to 2.5 MHz
  • Bench-top friendly footprint with 12.1” touchscreen


See it, measure it, prove it

The Keysight PA2201A IntegraVision power analyzer is an intuitive combination of accurate power measurements and touch-driven oscilloscope visualization. Within a single instrument, it delivers the dynamic views you need to see, measure and prove the performance of your design. Get your design and validation work done quickly, accurately and confidently with IntegraVision’s ability to address multiple test scenarios with the flexibility of wide-ranging, isolated inputs. Visualize transients, in-rush currents and state changes with a high-speed digitizer that captures voltage, current and power in real time. Analyze power losses in the time and frequency domains using full Nyquist rate-based computations.