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Key Features & Specifications

The BenchVue Platform Software enables you to:

  • Connect and control instruments simply by plugging them in
  • Run BenchVue apps from a single consistent environment
  • Easily log and export data, screen shots and system states

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Data capture simplified. Click. Capture. Done.

Keysight’s BenchVue software for the PC reinvents your bench testing by making it simple to connect, record and achieve results across multiple instruments with no programming. Compared to alternative software, BenchVue users derive results faster by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data and screen shots with a few clicks. BenchVue supports hundreds of Keysight oscilloscopes, multimeters, spectrum analyzers, power supplies, function generators, data acquisition units and power sensor models.

Request a Keysight Instrument Control DVD that includes IO Libraries Suite, Command Expert, and BenchVue.