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Typically Configured Price US$ 4,878

Typical Configuration

M9099T Waveform Creator Software

  • M9099T-LIC Waveform creator core product with utility and multi-tone plug-in, transportable, perpetual license
  • M9099T-LIC-12M Core product with utility and multi-tone premium support program, 1 year

Typically Configured Price US$ 4,878


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Key Features & Specifications

General features

  • Easily create just about any waveform you can imagine. Graphical, intuitive drag & drop user interface. Multiple waveform segments can be easily combined into multiple tracks, then aggregated into one composite output waveform.
  • Import Keysight Signal Studio waveforms (.wfm files) into your Waveform Creator projects.
  • IQ impairments and noise can be added to simulate real-world environments. Smoothing filters minimize spectral impurities that can result from discontinuities between combined waveform segments.
  • Composite output waveform can be previewed in both time and frequency domains before being output to your vector signal generator, arbitrary waveform generator, or a file.

Input plug-ins

  • 89600 VSA Recording Plug-in enables you to capture real-world signals measured with the 89600 VSA and combine them with other custom data segments, perfect for capturing an unknown signal or complex RF environment for later playback
  • General Purpose Multitone Plug-in creates single, two-tone and multi-tone waveforms, including AM/FM/PM modulation, with configurable baseband filtering. Basic Utility Plug-in to adds blanking (silent time), square waves and/or Gaussian noise to your waveforms.
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Modulation Plug-in (Opt DCS) provides both upstream and downstream waveforms that comply with DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem standards up to 16384-QAM, along with 89600 VSA setup files to easily demodulate and analyze these signals.
  • Other Input Plug-ins include: Digital Modulation Plug-in (Opt AYA) to create basic and advanced digital formats similar to Keysight’s 89600 VSA software option AYA; SystemVue Plug-in (Opt SVM) enables import of waveforms created using Keysight’s SystemVue software; and User-Defined Plug-in enables you to build your own custom waveforms

Output plug-ins

  • Aggregated waveforms can be output directly to a variety of signal and arbitrary waveform generators, or various file formats
  • M9381A PXI Vector Signal Generator, M8190A, M9330/31, 81180A/B Arbitrary Waveform Generators, including support for streaming, added in v3.0: N5172B EXG, N5182A/B MXG, E4438C ESG, M8195A AWG, M8241A/42A AWG
  • Unencrypted File Write (Opt DFW) enables output of unencrypted M9381A, CSV, MAT, BIN, and WFM files

Other features

  • License key upgradeable options
  • Transportable software license
  • Premium software support and knowledge base subscriptions ensure access to future updates, training materials and dedicated support resources


The M9099 Waveform Creator is a modular software application focused on easy development of complex baseband and vector signals used in the validation and test of digital communications products. Built around a “drag and drop” graphical user interface, Waveform Creator allows quick development of multi-format, multi-track waveforms with waveform segments displaced in frequency and time. Its modularity supports multiple waveform types and VSG/AWG instruments to be “plugged in”, supporting expansion to include both current & future waveform types and instruments.


  • DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem design and test
  • Satellite communications, including ground-space, space-space, and deep-space
  • Military communications and secure backhaul
  • Academic research
  • Extended test equipment support for specialized modulation formats
  • Component validation, using either simulation, or the latest wideband test equipment


  • Waveform Plug-In capability supporting popular digital modulation and custom waveforms
  • Simple interface to set the desired signal parameters to compose waveform segments
  • Select from a list of functional waveform plug-ins provided by Keysight or develop your own
  • Pre-correct or distort to model a device’s behavior
  • Build complex waveforms by combining waveform segments into multiple tracks.
  • Composite waveform tracks can have different modulation rates and carrier frequencies, with the final output waveform resampled for correct reproduction
  • Playback waveforms on a wide variety of Keysight vector signal generators and arbitrary waveform generators
  • Generate unencrypted file output to export your waveform to your specific test environment.
  • Remote SCPI capability for remote operation in test environments